Time to Put On My Army Boots  ~  Part 13

Time to Put On My Army Boots ~ Part 13

One morning while I was resting in my bed, I got a call from my sister Daynna, who told me about a free “self empowerment course” at her work and it was starting in a month. (Which I’m forever grateful for her <3)

Because I had cancer and trauma previously, I was allowed to take 10 free trauma sessions along with the 3 month course. I thought to myself, “can I do this?... Do I even have the mental energy?... The will to follow through?”

I said, yes! I knew in my gut, this would help me get out of this darkness I was feeling. I could feel that I was up against a battle inside myself...and it wasn’t going to take me down. Time to put back on my Army boots!

The day arrived at my course and I was nervous yet excited at the same time. I fell in love with my teacher’s heart right away and I made 3 new friends as well. I knew this was the exact place that I needed to be.

Over the next few weeks, it was like I was peeling back layers of an onion. Finding my authentic self! Believe me, some days were tough. I learned a lot about myself and one thing that really woke me up was, I didn’t have boundaries and what my values were. So important in this life to have!

During this brilliant course, I also discovered my life purpose! Firstly, I knew that I needed to heal… heal from the trauma and to do a detox from all the toxic chemicals from the implants and the opiods. I went almost every week to see my amazing trauma counsellor, Charlotte Edwards CD,MC,RCC in White Rock. charlotte@charlotteedwardscounselling.com She gave me lots of tools and I did the inner work!

I was nearing the end of my course and my lovely teacher would hand me a hot bean bag for my neck, as it was really starting to irritate me most days.Then one day came a loud crack from my neck! Everyone looked at me and said, “are you okay?!” I ended up at the hospital and I had to have an x-ray (which I always avoid, due to radiation that can actually create cancer supper cells.) The only way I could have an MRI (without contrast) was for me to do this.

Sure enough, I have two herniated discs! My C-5 and C-6. I’ve never had neck issues before! Between these phantom pains from previous breast implant illness and my chronic neck issues and PTSD… I had yet another challenge to embrace. I was terrified that I needed surgery...I had a pitty party for myself. I had every right to after what I went through! I thought to myself, “keep it together girl, you can do this!”

Time for physiotherapy!

Without this course I was taking, I don’t know where I would be right now?

Detoxing  ~  Part 14

Detoxing ~ Part 14

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