Finally came the morning I found my surgeon!  ~  Part 7

Finally came the morning I found my surgeon! ~ Part 7

I must have cried all night asking god to help me .. then it came, I Googled, “skilled surgeons post mastectomy in California” and I found him!!!! I have no idea how his name came up that morning, as I tried for several weeks desperately searching for skilled surgeons and no luck! Amen

Dr Brenner took my call that fateful day, and we spoke for about an hour on face time. He could see how sick I was :( All I kept asking him was, “please get ALL my capsule out…PLEASE!!!!” I felt very positive about him compared to all the others I spoke with and saw!!!! He seemed very professional.

Dr. Kevin Brenner, M.D. F.A.C.S Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon. The reason I chose Dr. Brenner, even though he still puts breast implants in, I knew he was a surgeon that helps ladies with breast cancer, reconstruction, and breast implant removal!


Everything was happening so fast! My husband contacted a friend of the family, who lives in California to see if I could stay with her & sure enough, she was visiting family and was flying back to California the next day, which I would be flying as well, so it worked out great! We even had seats right beside each other. Amen! 🙏🏻

NOW, that's the Universe working for me :~) I call her my angel friend.. 😇

I had one and half days to get ready to board a plane for my emergency explant, enbloc surgery! My husband took me to see my parents to say goodbye… I was really worried about my Dad’s health, as he has had a rough go with cancer and was told he was terminal last year. So saying goodbye to him was heartbreaking for my Dad and myself that day… not knowing if I would ever see him again. 😢 I had to take a deep breath and BREATHE. 🙌

I can’t even describe the feeling I felt, living inside my body with a shit storm going off in my body/ MS type symptoms!!! I had lost about 10 pounds as the nausea was getting worse and I had a metallic taste in my mouth. I still cry some days when I think how strong I was for so long and no one could help me…

Breast implant illness is a silent disease that most times won’t be detected through blood work or MRI and ultrasounds which didn’t show anything for me. Then it makes you look like you’re losing your mind and I’m here to tell you, "you are NOT!"

Enbloc removal, is a skilled and dangerous surgery that your surgeon will remove "all" the capsule that surrounds the silicone implants our bodies make to protect itself from the chemicals that sweat into our lymphatics every day. They have to be removed by a skilled surgeon or I would have stayed sick. I’ll explain more with a link about enbloc removal.

Do not go with a surgeon that tells you, they can’t get it all! This is your life and I hear many women that have to go back under and get them properly removed as they only took the implants out, and they are still sick :( This video below is Dr. H. Jae Chun M.D., the “Rock Star of Surgeons!”

I couldn’t get into see Dr Chun, as he was 3 weeks away, however I was able to see Dr. Kevin Brenner as mentioned above. (Grateful for him.)

Dr.Chun explains how he performs his breast implant removal (explant) procedure and his therapeutic approach to the surgery with its relation to breast implant illness. Newport Coast Plastic Surgery Dr. H.

Dr. H. Jae Chun M.D. also has a Facebook video below regarding explant surgery - this is about HOW important to find a surgeon to remove ALL the capsules or the ladies will stay sick!. In this video the poor dear, had to go back a few years after removing them with a bad surgeon! Dr. Chun scrapped it all out! He is so booked with explant: enbloc surgeries for several months:

Dr. H Jae Chun MD - Explant Enbloc Surgeon.png

Explant Enbloc Surgery

In this Facebook video, Dr. H Jae Chun MD explains the importance to find a surgeon to remove all the capsules or women will stay sick.

I was trying so hard to stay strong... I would think of my baby grand daughter and she was my strength!

My Granddaughter, Brinley.

My Granddaughter, Brinley.

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