Detoxing  ~  Part 14

Detoxing ~ Part 14

On Facebook, Breast Implant Illness and Healing by Nicole has a detox part, so you will have a sense of why, it is vitally important to do this for your health.

Lots of ladies are having great results with detoxing! I myself feel about 90% better and it’s been 10 months. I just have the phantom pains every so often…(which I pray they leave my mind/body one day soon…) but the rashes have ALL gone! NO MS like symptoms/my immunity feels stronger/my hair loss has stopped/leg twitches, which I called them “butterflies” in my legs/joint and muscle pain gone/nausea… GONE!!!!

I followed the Kaufmann detox protocol (but no meat or dairy.) I also added in a partial Gerson Therapy protocol. I took, olive leaf extract/structured collidal silver/activated charcoal/spirulina and chorella/ garlic called Allimax/black seed oil with oregano/turmeric elixir/NAC and milk thistle with dandelion for my liver. As well as my other supplements. I wanted to make sure, I was killing this bacteria that no one had helped me with….???

One thing I would highly recommend is getting a good adrenal support! I use Dr Lorna Vanderhaeghe, adrenal support everyday for about 3 months and it’s helping. I also take everyday, 6 capsules of True Hope’s EMP brain formula. I’ve also had to release this anger that I feel inside…I start my days off with a 20 min guided meditation on healing past trauma.

I started back walking the beach a few months after my surgery as I knew I had to move my lymphatics to help with the detoxing process! It is extremely important to help move the junk out. Walking also has helped me mentally from slipping into a depression! I used to be a jogger and I haven’t been able to jog in over a year now…plus my herniated discs wouldn’t like it :( I visualize myself one day back jogging along the ocean…#Myhappyplace.



Mentally, I’m working through the trauma of it all still ….

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Breast Implant Illness~Awareness Video:

Breast Implant Illness~Awareness Video:

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