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Probiotics & Prebiotics are a must! Especially if you've had toxic breast implants as they destroy our microbiomes.

Gut health is a big topic in the wellness world right nowβ€”more specifically, the maintenance of a healthy balance between good and bad bacteria in our intestines, stomach, and throat. Its rise in popularity can be attributed, in part, to the fact that every day we are learning so much more about our gut and how it functions.

The Heal Is Real!

I am almost there…except those phantom burning pains in my rib area and ovaries still??

I have been worried on and off throughout these 10 1/2 months that the MRSA type bacteria I had, has laid dormant and can it come out again?! I remember after I got home, I contacted Allergan to help me find out more about this bacteria from the biofilm and HOW do I treat it, besides the IV antibiotic I had with my explant surgery. No response back from my urgent voice message to my many e-mails :(

Taking A Certified Holistic Cancer Coaching course !!!! My passion ~ Part 15

For over 8 years, since my diagnose with cancer, I started a support group for ladies called, β€œsurvived breast cancer alternatively,” on facebook.

I have always had a passion for helping others and giving hope to many that there is another way then conventional treatments to heal an acidic body with holistic ways! Cancer loves an acidic body and throughout the years, I have followed a plant based, alkaline lifestyle for prevention and I enjoy creating new vegan recipes all the time :)