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Get Army Strong blog empowers and believes there is hope to never give up through difficult challenges that life will bring you along your journey.

Shannon Sayers has a true passion from first-hand experience to be a voice of wisdom for our young millennials and those living with or surviving cancer. While striving to bring awareness of these carcinogenic breast implants that poison our immune or lymphatic system, gut health, and create toxicity in our organs and body.

Our mission is to educate and bring awareness to the importance of not going through all the unnecessary reconstruction with implants.

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Shannon Sayers

Certified Holistic Cancer Coach

My blogs are filled with broken pieces, terrible choices and ugly truths. They are also stories filled with a major comeback, strength, peace in my soul and a grace that saved my life. I live in White Rock, BC, I’m married to a supportive husband, we have three beautiful children together, and most recently became a grandma.

My passion is helping people with cancer and giving people hope that there is other alternative ways to heal cancer through stress reduction, a plant-based alkaline diet, exercise, releasing trapped emotions, forgiveness and most of all, “the power of the mind”!

I started a support group over 8 years ago on Facebook called “Survived Breast Cancer Alternatively” to help and give people support while going through their healing. Fast forward and who would have thought my next chapter or challenge in my life, I would be facing breast implant illness which nearly took my life. 💔

Writing this blog has been helpful and healing and therapeutic for me to share. I hope my story will save another lady from all this unnecessary trauma of reconstruction after breast cancer and even ladies with breasts. I wish I knew then what I know now.

I recently just finished my Certified Holistic Cancer Coaching course with and I feel I’m living my purpose and my passion.

“Your heart will lead you to your authentic self.” ❤️
— Unknown

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You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have
— Bob Marley


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“Live each day as it is your first and your last.”
— Unknown