Taking A Certified Holistic Cancer Coaching course !!!! My passion ~ Part 15

For over 8 years, since my diagnose with cancer, I started a support group for ladies called, โ€œsurvived breast cancer alternatively,โ€ on facebook.

I have always had a passion for helping others and giving hope to many that there is another way then conventional treatments to heal an acidic body with holistic ways! Cancer loves an acidic body and throughout the years, I have followed a plant based, alkaline lifestyle for prevention and I enjoy creating new vegan recipes all the time :)

Detoxing ~ Part 14

On Facebook, Breast Implant Illness and Healing by Nicole has a detox part, so you will have a sense of why, it is vitally important to do this for your health.

Lots of ladies are having great results with detoxing! I myself feel about 90% better and itโ€™s been 10 months. I just have the phantom pains every so oftenโ€ฆ(which I pray they leave my mind/body one day soonโ€ฆ) but the rashes have ALL gone!

Time to Put On My Army Boots ~ Part 13

One morning while I was resting in my bed, I got a call from my sister Daynna, who told me about a free โ€œself empowerment courseโ€ at her work and it was starting in a month. (Which Iโ€™m forever grateful for her <3)

Because I had cancer and trauma previously, I was allowed to take 10 free trauma sessions along with the 3 month course.

Biofilm From Breast Implants

I was very concerned when I heard that I had โ€œa MRSA type bacteria,โ€ and I couldnโ€™t take the antibiotics from my surgeon as I broke out into hives all over my body!

We tried 2 types and it was a scary experience for me with them for 2 daysโ€ฆI even woke up at 3 am with difficulty breathing and chest pains along with the hives all over my body!

Fast Forward 7 Years Later ~ Part 5

One summer day late June, I got a call from a good friend of mine that told me to sit down while she tells me something very important ... it was about breast implants that are causing a lymphoma called ALCL !

She said, google the FDA warning ladies about this rare lymphoma. I remember tears just poured down my face ... I was in pure shock ... I couldnโ€™t stop thinking of how hard I fought with cancer to find out, that these cause cancer!

Reconstruction ~ Part 3

I remember feeling excited about that day. Knowing Iโ€™d have breasts again is what got me through the painโ€ฆ I really wanted to feel normal again... like a woman.

Fast forward to the present moment and that makes me sad, looking back on how I felt about myself and my self worth :( Back to my storyโ€ฆ