Detoxing ~ Part 14

On Facebook, Breast Implant Illness and Healing by Nicole has a detox part, so you will have a sense of why, it is vitally important to do this for your health.

Lots of ladies are having great results with detoxing! I myself feel about 90% better and it’s been 10 months. I just have the phantom pains every so often…(which I pray they leave my mind/body one day soon…) but the rashes have ALL gone!

Time to Put On My Army Boots ~ Part 13

One morning while I was resting in my bed, I got a call from my sister Daynna, who told me about a free “self empowerment course” at her work and it was starting in a month. (Which I’m forever grateful for her <3)

Because I had cancer and trauma previously, I was allowed to take 10 free trauma sessions along with the 3 month course.

Biofilm From Breast Implants

I was very concerned when I heard that I had “a MRSA type bacteria,” and I couldn’t take the antibiotics from my surgeon as I broke out into hives all over my body!

We tried 2 types and it was a scary experience for me with them for 2 days…I even woke up at 3 am with difficulty breathing and chest pains along with the hives all over my body!

Fast Forward 7 Years Later ~ Part 5

One summer day late June, I got a call from a good friend of mine that told me to sit down while she tells me something very important ... it was about breast implants that are causing a lymphoma called ALCL !

She said, google the FDA warning ladies about this rare lymphoma. I remember tears just poured down my face ... I was in pure shock ... I couldn’t stop thinking of how hard I fought with cancer to find out, that these cause cancer!

Reconstruction ~ Part 3

I remember feeling excited about that day. Knowing I’d have breasts again is what got me through the pain… I really wanted to feel normal again... like a woman.

Fast forward to the present moment and that makes me sad, looking back on how I felt about myself and my self worth :( Back to my story…