The grieving process sets in....

Grieving is a process…it comes at different times and sometimes its like a wave! Last year at this time, I was living in a body that was failing me and I so desperately needed help and answers which I wasn’t getting.

I have no idea how I have come through this when panic attacks started to take over. I knew, I had to go inward and deal with these emotions that were profoundly loud in my head. I remember hearing a saying from a few years back about pain that kept creeping into my mind, “pay attention inward now!”

Full Interview with Latasha Marzolla called "Beautiful Destruction" about Breast Implant Illness

This interview with Latasha Marzolla is about her real life story and redemption of being a lost girl who became a Playboy model, kick boxer, MMA fighter, mother, and who also suffered from Breast Implant Illness.

It is a candid conversation about her search for love and acceptance through outward beauty and the inward damage that search ends up creating in her life.

How does the Biofilm/Bacteria from All breast implants cause ALCL lymphoma cancer?

Biofilm is created in capsules when bacteria or fungi get in, often hike in right with the implants and begin growing slowly. 

They make a toxic buildup which can be very thick and sick, as we see in the pics of some of our explanted capsules. The often discolored tissue and gunk inside is biofilm. This biofilm consists of colonies of bacteria, viruses and fungi, many of which have the ability to form colonies.

24 years later and here we go again... This time, there's no going backwards !

I would like to give thanks to this remarkable lady, Laura who has helped pave a way for her fellow sisters that have been harmed by these chemical bags over 24 years ago!

Her courage to stand up for her life and for others, brought me to tears when I watched this video. It was hard to listen to all the lies from the manufacture of Dow Corning!

The Heal Is Real!

I am almost there…except those phantom burning pains in my rib area and ovaries still??

I have been worried on and off throughout these 10 1/2 months that the MRSA type bacteria I had, has laid dormant and can it come out again?! I remember after I got home, I contacted Allergan to help me find out more about this bacteria from the biofilm and HOW do I treat it, besides the IV antibiotic I had with my explant surgery. No response back from my urgent voice message to my many e-mails :(

Taking A Certified Holistic Cancer Coaching course !!!! My passion ~ Part 15

For over 8 years, since my diagnose with cancer, I started a support group for ladies called, “survived breast cancer alternatively,” on facebook.

I have always had a passion for helping others and giving hope to many that there is another way then conventional treatments to heal an acidic body with holistic ways! Cancer loves an acidic body and throughout the years, I have followed a plant based, alkaline lifestyle for prevention and I enjoy creating new vegan recipes all the time :)

Detoxing ~ Part 14

On Facebook, Breast Implant Illness and Healing by Nicole has a detox part, so you will have a sense of why, it is vitally important to do this for your health.

Lots of ladies are having great results with detoxing! I myself feel about 90% better and it’s been 10 months. I just have the phantom pains every so often…(which I pray they leave my mind/body one day soon…) but the rashes have ALL gone!

Time to Put On My Army Boots ~ Part 13

One morning while I was resting in my bed, I got a call from my sister Daynna, who told me about a free “self empowerment course” at her work and it was starting in a month. (Which I’m forever grateful for her <3)

Because I had cancer and trauma previously, I was allowed to take 10 free trauma sessions along with the 3 month course.

Biofilm From Breast Implants

I was very concerned when I heard that I had “a MRSA type bacteria,” and I couldn’t take the antibiotics from my surgeon as I broke out into hives all over my body!

We tried 2 types and it was a scary experience for me with them for 2 days…I even woke up at 3 am with difficulty breathing and chest pains along with the hives all over my body!